Stiletto & Oxford Series 

Lauren Layne's Hallmark Series

A romantic-comedy series about the women of Stiletto magazine and the men of Oxford magazine.


Q :: Is this one series or two?

A :: Technically, this is two series. Stiletto began as a three-book series in 2013. It was later expanded to a fourth book. Which led to a 3-book spinoff series of Oxford. Which led to two more Oxford books.

These books are treated as two separate series on Amazon and other retailers; 4 books in Stiletto, 5 in the Oxford series. But as far as the author concerned, this is one big 9-book series!


Reading Order

While these books are written as standalone novels, and can be enjoyed independently of other books in the series.

However, some of the stories do build upon each other, and may be most enjoyed read in the following order:


#1 - After the Kiss

Julie & Mitchell


#2 - Love the One You're With

Grace & Jake


#3 - Just One Night

Riley & Sam


#4 - The Trouble With Love

Emma & Alex "Cassidy"


#5 - Irresistibly Yours

Cole & Penelope


#6 - I Wish You Were Mine

Jackson & Mollie


#7 - Someone Like You

Daisy & Lincoln 


#8 - I Knew You Were Trouble

Nick & Taylor


#9 - I Think I Love You

Hunter & Brit



"Like a sexy version of F•R•I•E•N•D•S!"

- #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Rachel Van Dyken


Stiletto & Oxford - Entire Series