About Lauren Layne Books

Frequently Asked Questions


How steamy are they?

While Lauren's books are not erotic romance in the same vein as the Fifty Shades of Grey series, they are definitely explicit, and should be treated as the equivalent of a rated-R movie. Not recommended for readers under age 18.

Can I listen to Lauren Layne books as audiobooks?

Most of Lauren Layne books are available on Audible, but not all. Audio rights are generally sold separately from e-book and print rights. If a particular story is not available in audio, it's because no audiobook publisher/producer has expressed interest in that story. Complete list of Lauren Layne audio books here.

How can I stay-up-to-date on Lauren Layne releases?

Be sure to become a Lauren Layne insider, or follow Lauren on Amazon (click the yellow Follow button).


Why aren't all of Lauren's books available in paperback?

Many of Lauren's books were published by Loveswept, a digital-only imprint of Random House, and were not distributed in print. See a list of books that are available in paperback here.

Regarding international versions: Why can't I find a particular Lauren Layne book in my language/country?

Most of Lauren's foreign rights are owned by her publishers. While her books are published in over ten languages, she doesn't get input in which books are translated, or which are available in a particular country. If it were up to Lauren, all her books would be available to everyone! To see Lauren Layne availability in your country, please visit your local bookstore or your country's Amazon site. 

Will there be a book about Marco or Elena Moretti from New York's Finest?

No. There are no plans to continue the New York's Finest series at this time.